Main featureS:

  • Discrete, comfortable design

  • Easy to use

  • Compatible with Mac, PC, Android

  • Built in tremor filter

  • Specialty wheelchair control mode (coming soon)

  • Handles multiple computers

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  • Infrared sensor clicking, double clicking and drag-and-drop with
    face gestures i.e. squinting or blinking

  • Wireless radio technology

  • Free software included with the purchase of the device

  • Handles multiple computers

  • Multiple profiles for different users or different use modes

  • Relative and absolute mouse modes


Tech specs

  • 9 axis sensor array

  • Medical grade silicone

  • up to 20 hours battery life

  • USB connection

  • Easy to use mode switch button for multiple devices

  • Infrared click sensor

  • 2.4 GHz ISM band radio

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I’m just genuinely excited by finding a functional and practical solution for proportional wheelchair control after 8 years.

-Tom Nabarro, software developer, UK

We are very impressed, we see Glory as a great new way of controlling a chair providing unprecedented freedom and ease of use.

- Spinal Injuries Association (SIA)

If you think this product is about mobility then you have missed the point. If someone pushes you around in your wheelchair you have mobility. This is about the freedom to choose, which is a totally different level of existence.

Robert Toller, Custom Technologies, NZ

Aaahhh! The Holy Grail of proportional wheelchair control!

- Tobii Technology experts, Williams F1 Center, UK

Glory Tools

Tutorial Videos

To see all of our tutorial videos please visit our Support > Tutorial page.


CE Certificate

Please feel free to request original documents via our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What computers can I use it with?

Any computer that has a USB plug. Glory works with both Mac and PC.

+ Does it come with a software?

Yes, you can download the free Glory Tools software for Mac and PC here

Place the sensor 1-2 cm from either your eye or your facial muscle of preference and then activate the headset.

+ Can I control my power wheelchair with the Glory?

Yes, but you need an adapter called Link to connect Glory to your power chair. You can check the details and pricing of Link here.

The Link is compatible with any power wheelchair that has PG R-Net OMNI Speciality Control Interface & IOM Input/Output Module.

No, you need to purchase the Link separately.

+ Do I need a special training to use the Glory?

Our products are very user-friendly, however it might take 1-2 hours to get used to them completely. We provide all the manuals and tutorials to make it super easy for you.

+ What is the difference between the Glory and other head mouses (Tobii, Quha, SmartNav...etc.)?

We have created a comparison sheet that you can download here in PDF, but if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

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