Riding with Glory (Tom Nabarro at Stoke Mandeville Hospital)


Last week the guys finished up the first demo unit of the Link, the interface that connects the Glory Headset with any R-Net controller to allow a proportional head drive of the power wheelchair. To “celebrate” that we paid a quick visit to the Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Injury Unit - one of the largest specialist spinal units in the world, and the pioneering rehabilitation work carried out there by Sir Ludwig Guttmann led to the development of the Paralympic Games.

The trusted professionals of Stoke Mandeville work on the rehabilitation of people with disabilities every day (usually for 6-9 months each), so we were keen to hear what they think about our products.

Two of the lovely occupational therapists Michelle and Ruth - who we’ve been in touch for a long time now, tested the Glory 2.0 as a head drive first, and as they’ve both been able to drive the wheelchair around the hospital without any trouble just after a few minutes of practice, they approved to let patients try it too.

It was amazing to witness that a patient with C2 injury, who has been in the hospital bed for months, and who is barely able to move his head was able to ride around the hospital independently after just a few minutes of training - to see that smile on his face was definitely worth waking up at 3AM and all the traveling.

Our good friend Tom Nabarro stopped by as well in the afternoon, and after a quick intro to the basics, Mark had to chase him around the hospital and even on the streets as he was maneuvering around with full speed, making smooth turns and quick stops as someone dared to cross his way.

What does he think about the product? See for yourself!