Best Games To Play With The Glory Headset

We've developed the Glory to provide an  affordable solution for people with disabilities to communicate, create and work independently. The main focus was of course to create a head mouse that makes it possible to

  • type emails quickly and easily, or
  • use Facebook hassle-free, or
  • just browse the web, or even
  • work as a software developer at Intel - like our good friend Tom Nabarro.

To make sure the Glory works perfectly under various circumstances, and that there are no bugs the guys have tested the headset for long hours. As a "side effect" they have found quite a few fun games that they were able to play with the Glory.

Here are their favorites, that we thought you'd enjoy too!

1. Angry Birds

The first and most important game we tested the Glory with is Angry Birds. The drag & drop basics of the game, and the accuracy required to level up was a great challenge to see if it can really perform well.

It actually demonstrates so well the capability of the Glory that we used it in our commercial too. Check it out!


Remember Snake on your old Nokia? Slither is the 21st century computer edition of the old mobile game: you need to collect the tiny, shiny dots to grow and avoid the other giant, glowing snakes.

It is probably the easiest one to play, no need to click, just move your head to move your worm around the screen. - I'd probably start with this one to get a feel of the Glory.


3. String theory

This one is Mark's (our CEO) favorite. It really does require you to use your head not only to move the strings around, but to think too. The point is to move different objects (the little purple ball in this case) to the black hole.

Great game to practice accurate clicking and drag & dropping with the Glory.

string theory.png

4. Bubble Shooter

Another simple point and shoot game to practice accurate targeting and clicking with the Glory. Group the bubbles with same colors to make them pop!