Main featureS:

  • Easy to use
  • Right and left-handed
  • Dust and splash resistant


nowtechnologies gyroset actuator direct controller


  • Directly controls actuators up to 6 channels
  • Smallest possible force is needed to operate button
  • Over a million push cycles
  • Silicone surface



Tech specs:

  • Compatible with R-net (CJSM 1 or CJSM2) control systems
  • Handles 6 independent actuator channels
  • 160g force required for button operation
  • IP54 Dust and splashing water protected housing
  • Symmetric nuts for installation
  • Jack connection plug

Why use actuators and why direct control them?

Lifting chairs are increasing accessibility to work surfaces, which are located in high or difficult to reach places,
easy visibility in the crowd, and allow users to see beyond obstacles.

Tilting actuators can help manage fatigue, and regain posture after a seizure, help blood flow.

Leg rest elevators help reduce leg pain and edema of feet.


CE Certificate

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A smooth design, very easy to use.

-Apuvaline expo guest

Finally, a solution to raise my leg rest with a click!

- Rehacare expo guest

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